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Hi there. My name is Marjorie. I'm a short Filipino girl who lives in San Francisco, but attends Occidental College in Los Angeles.

I danced in a studio for 13 years, but now have joined Oxy's dance crew Hyper Xpressions.

I watch anime and play video games, although I haven't had time recently. Some of my favorite fandoms include: Steins;Gate, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Danganronpa, and Higurashi.

Instagram: marjorietherese

3DS Friend Code: 5026-4878-7950

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Yes I&#8217;m a girl and yes I play video games #gurlgamer

Yes I’m a girl and yes I play video games #gurlgamer

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has this been done or


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Damn I just dug up some fossil records about a person.

Robert and I were talking about how we couldn’t remember who the other two TA’s in his class were when I was his student.

After looking through Facebook pictures, I was able to find out that one of the other TA’s was Rovonne. But Jesus—Robert, Leonida, and I could not figure out who the other person was. But for whatever reason we all remembered that Rovonne and this other chick hated each other. And by the pictures I still had, I did not like her either (I didn’t like Robert’s class in general). Robert and Sumedha thought the girl’s name was “Alex” but it just didn’t ring a bell.

Literally all day today I was like… “Wow I have hated someone so much that I have completed erased her from my memory.”

And then I looked through my Tumblr posts from 2009 and holy shit I’m so happy I kept those records. My complaints about Humanities class were hilarious. I found out the other TA’s name really was Alex. And At first, I couldn’t remember who the hell she was, but I kept writing about how much I hated her in every single post I made. 

Then I read this:

Humanities: Alex is on PMS. I fucking swear.”

and I instantly remembered her face and how much I hated her and how weak she was. And wow I was such a little bitch in middle school and I’m entertaining myself five years later. I should write more hate posts. 

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory

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all i do on tumblr now is look at the dashcon tag


Petition to make this a thing.


Petition to make this a thing.

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